In the year 2004, the news that Alloc Inc. had achieved the ISO 14001 Certification hit the headlines. This was after years of product improvements and attentiveness to outstanding manufacturing standards that positively affect the environment. Alloc is now one of the most responsible companies as regards environmental conservation.

Alloc Original Laminate FlooringRight from the plant, the manufacturing facilities are ISO certified. All the legal environmental requirements have been taken into account by Alloc. The production process is also environmental friendly because no harmful emission ever comes from the plant. This way, the ozone, water and energy resources, ecological habitats, etc. are all preserved.

The raw materials used to manufacture Alloc laminate flooring are no danger to the environment. The company ensures that no tropical wood species or high grade timber is used for the production of the High Density Fiberboards. When the company is need of fresh timber, they use well managed forests that are in accordance with the recommendations of the Forest Stewardship Council.

Also in a bid to preserve the environment, the decorative sheets are made from high resolution design papers that are unbleached or contain minute quantities of organic chlorine. The environmentally friendly water based inks are then used in the printing process.

Previously, chemical bonding agents like latex or Polyvinyl Acetate (PVA) glues were used during the installation of the floor. This traditional method has since been replaced by the aluminium locking system, thus conserving trees.

The resulting product can be recycled. First, the floor pieces, due to their good quality and the existence of the metal locking system, can be reused over and over again in different locations. The aluminium itself can be separated from the plank and be recycled with like metals. The fiberboard core can easily be ground into pulp to produce other wood by-products. After the product can no longer be recycled, incineration can be done for generation of power.

With Alloc, no material is wasted, and thus the natural environment is conserved


Alloc FlooringOne of the best laminate floor manufacturers as the world stands today is Alloc. Spanning over a decade of constantly improving its products, Alloc has now become a multi-million company, with customers all over the world, with Europe and United States of America in the lead. The laminate flooring is quality, no doubt, and that’s the reason for its success story. In addition to the basic flooring planks, Alloc realized the need to also manufacture a number of accessories to be used hand in hand with the floorboards for maximum performance and beauty.

To this effect, the Alloc Free and Clean was introduced. This cleaning product is the best solution for all your cleaning needs as regards the laminate floor. All you need to do is lightly mist the floor and then wipe with a clean terry cloth mop until the streak disappears. It is also antimicrobial and is manufactured with a fresh, clean formula with active ingredients that kill bacteria, fungi and moulds.

The installation cannot be complete without an appropriate underlayment. Some Alloc floor pieces may come with an attached underlayment, while some do not have one. Walking would not be that comfortable if the planks were just to be laid on the subfloor. Squeaking sounds and creaking would be common place, day in day out. Alloc thus came up with the very important Rapid Roll. This is the underlayment that you can use for all your flooring needs.

Lastly, the Alloc moldings are a must have accessories. As the floor spreads out, it meets staircases, walls, vertical pipes, doorways, other floors, name it. A certain degree of professionalism is required at such instances so as to achieve a detailed professional look. The Alloc moldings for such applications include the Quarter Round, the Dual Reducer, the Square Nose, the Stair Nose, the T-molding and the Wall Board. All these have specific uses in the installation of the floor.

A combinational of all these elements will guarantee you excellent performance of the Alloc flooring and you will really enjoy the investment for years to come.


Alloc Laminate Flooring SamplesAlloc laminate flooring continuously dominates the market as the best flooring alternative for both residential and commercial uses. This has not been an easy ride as such; a series of clever innovations, technological advancements and customer services has seen Alloc through. People purchase the floorings because of its good properties.

Starting with beauty, non equals Alloc. The decorative sheets embedded into the design offer the look of real natural wood, stone, tiles, etc. All these designs are produced with the most modern printing technologies to manufacture a product that can’t escape your eyes. The surface layer is impregnated with melamine and other hard substances to offer resistance to wear through scratches and scuffs.

The High Density Fiberboard stands up to heavy pressure, thus guaranteeing you a quality performance over a long period of time. In fact, Alloc products have a warranty of mostly 30 years, others a lifetime warranty. Once bought, the planks can last for decades if proper care and maintenance is observed. To make matters better, cleaning and maintaining the floor is as easy as ABC, just an occasional quick damp mop. The edges of the plank are also sealed to offer efficient moisture resistance.

Alloc laminate floors feature the patented aluminium locking system that makes the installation of the floor an easy task. With the right kind of tools and the necessary knowledge on installation, a do-it-yourself project is possible. In addition to this, Alloc is cheap when compared to other alternative flooring materials like natural hardwood. There exists numerous models, colours and designs to choose from, in a bid to satisfy your preference and taste. Also, the outlets for Alloc laminate flooring are as many as there are residential areas, making them readily available when in demand.

For all these reasons and others, Alloc remains the top consumer choice as regards laminate flooring.


Alloc Laminate FlooringWith Alloc laminate flooring, the consumer is left with more than enough choices to consider. All these alternatives differ in design, colour and cost. The consumer’s taste and preference is thus catered for, even the weirdest that you may think does not exist in the market.

Alloc Original laminate flooring was the first model to be designed more than 10 years ago. It offers the home owner or dweller an outstanding, unequaled beauty with an assurance of great durability, spanning decades and decades. Some of the designs include: Elegant Walnut, Japanese Cherry, Prairie Oak, Manchester Hickory, Trendline Natural and Antique Oak.

Alloc Stone laminate flooring, with its unique style, suffices for those individuals who envy the look of stone but want to enjoy the minimal maintenance procedures of laminate floors. This is the one and only High Pressure laminate flooring. Ironite, Vermont Slate, Stone Slate, Mocha marble, Concrete Oxide Brown and Sierra marble are a few of the designs under this category.

Multi Charcoal Slate, Marbella Slate and Alicante Slate are the outstanding decors of the model Alloc tile. For those who like the look of real tile flooring, even with the authentic grout lines, this is the product to choose. The design is greatly influenced by the sights and sounds of nature, and thus brings the natural outdoors inside the home.

One other model is the Alloc Domestic laminate flooring. With the patented aluminium locking system, you are assured fast, easy and perfect installation. Modern lifestyles are best suited by this brand. In addition to an excellent sound damping system, the model is sufficiently moisture resistant, wear resistant and very durable. Some of the designs and colors to choose from include: Country Butternut, Elegant Cherry, Oak Plank Red, Harvest Walnut, Jarrah and Cherry Maple.

If you want the look and feel of natural wood in your home, don’t hesitate to choose from one of the designs of Alloc Elite. These include: Lacewood Lustre and Shimmering Kingwood Blaze (Piano finishes) and Sleek Bistre Hickory, Silky Henna Hickory and Seasoned Southwark Hickory Oak (Rustic finishes). All these are as thick as real wood and have beveled edges.

Alloc City ScapesFinally, the Alloc City Scapes is the best choice for heavy foot traffic and furniture. The HDF board, which is the main structural component, provides the necessary strength and stability. The designs under this model are: Asheville Pine, Bristol Oak, Brighton Maple, Del Mar Mahogany, etc.

Always remember to choose carefully so as to enjoy your product as much as you deserve.


Alloc boasts of being able to provide each and every customer with the model of flooring that suits one’s own budget and style. One person may prefer the feel of stone tiles to the feel of natural wood, whereas someone else may prefer mahogany to oak…etc. To satisfy all these tastes, Alloc manufactures numerous models, one of which is the Alloc Tile laminate flooring.

This is the best natural-looking model, in that it is designed staggeringly with the exact look and feel of natural slate. Coupled with the sounds and sights of nature, this surely brings the outside environment right into the house.

This model has three beautiful variations, i.e. Alicante slate, Marabela slate and the Multi Charcoal slate. The differing element in the three variations is only the decorative design embedded in the laminate flooring; otherwise, the other properties apply to all the three.

Alloc tile is a very easy model to install. It is a glueless type; therefore, it comes with the aluminium locking system which enables fast and easy installation. Maintenance of the floor is also made easy by the moisture resistant surface and sealed edges. This way, it’s the best choice for the kitchen, basement and mudrooms. The extraordinary look also makes it suitable for the living room.

Having been designed and manufactured to the best of qualities, the Alloc Tile comes with a 30 years warranty, a rare one in the market. The dimensions are not very different from the other models; the plank length is 46.85 in, the width is 15.47 in and the thickness is 8mm. Only four planks are packaged in each Box, totaling to 20.2 square feet per box. The weight of one such box is 32 lbs and the price per box is about $50.30. This saves more cash than when buying per square foot at the price of $2.4/sq ft.

With a grade of AC3, this model can be used for both residential purposes and light commercial applications. It is manufactured through environment-friendly processes to help preserve the environment. Choosing Alloc Tile laminate flooring is a wise investment decision.


The consumer remains the center of attraction for whatever manufactured product. All innovations, technological advancements, name it, are solely aimed at satisfying the consumer and availing a product whose performance is assured. One thing each and every consumer will ask before purchasing a product is the existence of a guarantee for the purchased product.

For every purchased product, Alloc issues a warranty whose period of validity varies from product to product, some 30 yrs, others last for a lifetime, etc. Alloc Original Exclusive Limited Warranty is a good example. For residential applications, it covers Joint integrity, fading, staining, wear and water resistance.

Joint integrity assures you of perfect installation, where the floorboards lock together perfectly to ensure close fitting seams. The joints will remain secure, you can reinstall the planks an unlimited number of times and perform easy plank replacement.

The Alloc laminate flooring is guaranteed resistance to stains, fading, wearing and water damage. All these are limited to normal residential use. Alloc meant for commercial use has its own warranty.

In the event of some damage and you want to file a claim, be prepared to provide true information on; the room where you installed the floor, the underlayment you used or the material of the subfloor, the reason for buying a new floor, the number of children in the house under the age of 18 yrs, your age group, the annual household income, etc.

If the problem under warranty is acknowledged, Alloc will replace the defective planks with others of similar design. The labor costs associated with removal of damaged floor and the subsequent installation are met by the owner. Alloc will not do the replacement if the damage was caused by erroneous installation, product misuse, accident, improper care and maintenance of the flooring and flooding from natural disasters.

Most users of Alloc laminate flooring never make claims under the warranty because the planks are always manufactured to the best quality. There are very few cases in record of the laminate flooring getting damaged after installation without a serious cause. Use the floor as per the instructions and you’ll be assured of durability.


Construction of Alloc Laminate FlooringStarted some decades back, Alloc has consistently been the consumers’ best choice. This elegant laminate flooring is carefully engineered to provide true beauty to the beholders and is very durable. The factory, locate at Lyngdal, Norway, produces an array of authentic wood finishes, all of different designs. Though varying in minor properties, they all have a similar structure.

The top-most layer is the wear resistant overlay. This is made of very hard substances that resist scratches, scuffs, etc. It is professionally machined to a smooth, glossy finish for beauty. Next is the decorative sheet. A photograph of real wood grain is taken and printed on a sheet that is impregnated with melamine resin for strength.

Below the decorative sheet you will find several layers of treated Kraft paper. These reinforce the decorative sheet and add to the overall strength of the floorboards. Next is the High Density Fiberboard (HDF) core. Sawdust and wood scrapings, which would otherwise be discarded, are used to manufacture this layer. This forms the major structural component of the laminate flooring. It provides strength and stability to the floor.

Below the HDF core is a balancing layer of High pressure laminate (HPL), which is molded and cured at very high pressure. Finally, we have the built in underlayment. Some models don’t have this layer, in which case you’ll have to separately buy an underlay material which you spread on the floor before laying the planks. All in all, the main function remains; the underlayment is a padding material to dampen the sound and reduce the squeaking of the floorboards when walking.

All the edges are completely sealed with wax impregnation so as to prevent any moisture from being absorbed into the plank. This is aimed at preventing the swelling and warping of the plank. On one side, lengthwise, is the patented aluminium locking system which facilitates quick installation of the Alloc laminate flooring.

All these layers total up to a thickness of 10-12mm, depending on the model. Alloc thus creates a warm environment inside your home without compromising the environment outside, and to this effect, they proudly achieved the ISO 14001 Certificate in 2004. It’s truly a quality that lasts.


Alloc Flooring City ScapesCurrently, Alloc laminate flooring leads the market with its patented mechanical locking system. This brand of flooring is used mostly across Europe and North America. Many households have installed this beautiful flooring. The beauty they add to homes is one to behold, but it needs to be maintained year in year out for continued elegance.

You may think that maintaining such a marvelous floor is really an uphill task. The manufacturer will prove you wrong. Not much is involved other than the normal cleaning procedures used in all homes, but some extra care must be taken with Alloc flooring.  The floor should be cleaned periodically with cleaning products that are specifically produced for laminate flooring, otherwise, damage may occur.

The Alloc Free and Clean is a handy product for this task. This comes as a clear liquid packaged in convenient spray bottles. The liquid has antimicrobial properties with active ingredients that kill bacteria such as E-coli, Strep and Staph. It also gets rid of fungi and controls the ever-disturbing growth of mold and mildew – an effective product indeed.

To use it, get a clean terry cloth mop and lightly mist it with the Alloc Free and Clean. Take care not to use it in excess. The floor should also not be soaked in this cleaner. With the mop, lightly wipe over the floor until the streak disappears completely (if the streak remains, the floor becomes unsightly). If the mop fails to clean some area, maybe because of the intensity of the dirt or stain, spray the cleaner directly on the Alloc flooring in carefully controlled quantities. Don’t allow excess cleaner or spills remain stagnant on the floor; wipe them immediately to prevent damage of the floor.

Acetone or denatured alcohol may also be used to remove lipstick, oil, asphalt, shoe polish, etc. For chewing gum that has stuck on the Alloc floorboards, touch them with ice cubes for sometimes so that they harden and subsequently become easier to remove.

Never use any abrasive cleaner on laminate flooring or else the beauty will instantly start deteriorating. You are also advised to avoid the use of wet mop with soap, detergents or any liquid cleaner. Such will cause the swelling and warping of the boards after absorbing the moisture.


Alloc Laminate FlooringTalk about laminate flooring anywhere in the world and you will not miss to hear Alloc. This is indisputably one of the most common names in the world of laminate flooring, having been in the market for decades.

Its “invention” dates back to the 1960’s when the Belgian group, Beaulieu International Group, started its manufacture. This company also produces other flooring products and is one of the most well known in the world. The head office and factory are located in Lyngdal, Norway. For this reason, the floors are inspired by Scandinavian nature, design and lifestyle.

This laminate flooring is engineered with quality craftsmanship to produce an extremely durable product. Its design includes the one and only Aluminium locking system that ensures perfect installation over the shortest time possible. Alloc is in fact the first company on the market to introduce this mechanized locking system into the world of laminate flooring. This joint withstands the weight of very heavy objects. At the back of the floorboard is attached an underlayment that dampens sound. The High Density Fiber (HDF) core provides strength and stability to the floor and prevents the floor from absorbing moisture. The wear resistance property is enabled by the extremely strong and durable High pressure surface.

Alloc has really worked effortlessly to improve the quality of its products so as to offer the best in the market. Improved design year after year and technological advancement has seen it awarded two ISO certifications, one in 1993, the other one in 2004. It still continues to strive for the best and ensure it remains the consumer’s favorite for years to come.

This laminate flooring can be used in all rooms within the house. You can choose from a wide range of products according to your taste, lifestyle and budget. Some of these are Alloc Elite, Alloc Wood, Alloc Universe, Alloc Commercial Stone, etc. You are sure to get value for your money when you choose Alloc.


Since 1992, Alloc has constantly climbed up the steps of innovations up to this point, where quality flooring boards are produced in large numbers. This is an economical investment as regards the method of installation.

If you are comfortable doing the installation yourself, it’s your for the taking. However, it is recommended to hire professional laminate flooring installers because they have all the tools of the trade and are normally equipped with quality skills after undergoing vast training. As an individual, some aspects of the installation may be a problem to you, so seeking assistance isn’t diminishing your abilities.

Before the actual installation, acclimatization of the flooring boards must be done. They are stored at room temperature for a period of at least 48 hours, while still in its packaging, before beginning the work. This aims at adapting the laminate flooring to the prevailing humidity conditions in the room.

After sufficient preparation of the subfloor, the laying of the boards can commence. Before using each floorboard, it is a good idea to inspect it for anomalies. Never install floorboards with defective surface as this will nullify compensation in case of damage.

Starting in one corner of the room, place the floorboard with the aluminium joint facing away from the wall. Lay it towards the right. At the end of the first row, cut the shorter side of the floorboard to the required size, ensuring you leave an expansion space of about 6mm. For the second row, start with the cut piece of floorboard from the previous row. The end joints should be offset at least 30cm for good interconnection of the whole floor. The floorboard is placed at an angle to the floorboard in the previous row, and then pressed down and forward at the same time.

Repeat the same procedure, each time knocking the floorboards into the locking position by use of the tapping block. The last row must be more than 5cm wide. The part with the locking strip of aluminium is cut off. To install the laminate flooring around fixed items such as pipes, drill a hole into the floorboard with some allowance for expansion. For the doorway, the Alloc FillerTwine is placed in the gap and covered on top with a thin layer of silicone in a matching colour.

Thus the laminate flooring is successfully installed. If you have to attain that professional finish, make sure you follow instructions to the letter.