Alloc Commercial Flooring

Choosing flooring for a business is an extremely important decision. Depending on the choice made, it could reflect either positively or negatively on customers. The flooring should be sturdy, mesh well with its surroundings, and be easy to install. Trying to save money by choosing a lower quality flooring option could result in a lot of wasted time, effort, and most importantly money. Alloc laminate flooring is a great option for any business owner. It looks great and can match almost any décor, is very easy to install, and will hold up against the foot traffic the business brings in. Check out some of the great features that Alloc commercial flooring has.

Alloc commercial flooring was the first high pressure laminate (HPL) flooring. Industry experts have given this flooring an AC5 wear rating (the highest) because it stands up to every kind of commercial application. It can not only be used in all residential applications, but also for heavy commercial applications such as public buildings or department stores. The flooring even has a 10 year commercial warranty ensuring its value.

One of the hardest tasks to complete when choosing new flooring is finding the flooring that fits well with the rest of its surroundings. Alloc commercial laminate has many different styles, colors and textures. Whether a lobby needs an upgrade or a store’s showroom needs a new look, there will always be choices that fit well when choosing Alloc commercial laminate.

The construction of Alloc commercial laminate flooring is sturdy, well built, and even eco-friendly. The flooring itself is 10mm thick. There are 3 layers to the flooring, including the decorative layer, the core layer, and the backing layer. The decorative layer shows the beauty and elegance of the floor, and is what customers see. The core layer gives the floor its durability, and the backing layer has an underlay which reduces noise. The Alloc AQUA construction makes the flooring moisture resistant. By resisting moisture, the floor is easy to maintain because dirt, dust, and allergens don’t become trapped. The printing process used to make the floor’s authentic looks is created through an eco-friendly process. The packaging even comes from recycled material!

Easy installation is a major component to Alloc laminate flooring, both in commercial and in residential applications. One of the best features of the flooring is its patented aluminum locking system. Two panels fit together with ease and tightly lock in place. This makes for less time businesses need to be under construction for new floor installation. Also, the flooring can even be moved to a different area or room if needed. If one of the panels is damaged in an accident, it can also be removed and replaced with a new plank.

Alloc commercial laminate flooring is a great choice for most any business. It made with the highest quality materials, is extremely easy to install, and is virtually maintenance free. Not to mention it looks wonderful!