Alloc Residential Flooring

Buying new Alloc laminate flooring for a house is an important decision for any family. There are many variables to take into consideration and many styles of floors to choose from. Beyond just looking at which type of flooring to install, a homeowner needs to think about longevity, durability, maintenance, style, price, and ease of installation. Making a poor choice can cost both a lot of time and money, as well as unneeded frustration.

Alloc residential laminate flooring is the perfect choice for the busy family. Alloc residential boasts many great qualities without breaking the budget. Below are some compelling reasons why Alloc residential flooring is a great choice for any homeowner.

One of the most popular reasons why people get new floors in their house is because their old floors just don’t look good anymore. The wear and tear of daily life makes the floors look dirty where cleaning doesn’t do the trick anymore. By choosing new residential laminate flooring made by Alloc, a homeowner can choose from numerous amounts of finishes that will match almost any style. Wood species range from oak, cherry, maple and more. The direct-pressure surface on the top even resists scratches, scuffs, wear, fade, and stains. Kids can play and furniture can be moved with the worry of damaging the floor.

Maintenance for Alloc residential flooring can be completed with ease. A quick buzz of the vacuum or sweep with a duster is all that needs to be done. Dirt and allergens will not get stuck in the floor planks because it is engineered to repel moisture and resist wearing down. The wax impregnated edges make sure that these planks stay clean and dry too.

Alloc laminate flooring is perfect for the DIY lover of the family. Installation is very quick and easy and can be done over the span of a weekend. The patented aluminum locking system locks the planks together as well as making a sturdy connection between them. This system also allows you to replace any planks that are accidentally damaged. It’s even possible to move the floor to another room!

The quality and construction of Alloc laminate flooring is supreme. The direct-pressure laminate on the top and bottom of the floor make it sturdy, and the 2mm underlayment helps keep the floor silent by reducing noise. This flooring even has a 30 year residential warranty, which includes joint integrity, water protection, fade resistance, and stain resistance.

Alloc residential laminate flooring is a great investment for any home. It can bring new life to a room while holding strong under foot traffic, heavy furniture, and children playing. Installation can be done quickly with minimal effort and man power. The maintenance for this flooring will make life easier and a home cleaner. With the large amount of styles and the quality construction of this flooring, it should be a great option for any family or household.