Alloc is one of the brands of laminateflooring that are in the market today. Other players in the market include: Pergo, Mannington, DuPont and Armstrong. Alloc stands out as the consumer’s top choice because of its unequaled quality. Some of the frequently asked questions about the product are as discussed below:

1.    What does it mean to say that Alloc is a High Pressure Laminate?

This takes you back to the production process. Phenol is added to the Kraft paper for better strength. The pressure applied in the process is 1300lb/sq inch and this should be done at a temperature of 3000F. The resulting product has less chipping edges, better moisture resistance and higher impact resistance.

2.    How can I buy Alloc?

From the factory at Lyngdal, Norway, the Alloc laminate floorboards and other accessories are transported far and wide to thousands of flooring stores across many countries. You can directly purchase the products from local dealers. These can be contacted by calling their business numbers. Also, the website is full of online stores, where you can order the product and receive them at your address after shipment.

3.    Can I install Alloc all by myself?

Yes, you can. Alloc features the patented Aluminium mechanical locking system that makes installation very easy when compared to the glue installation. You need to have the necessary knowledge and tools to do the work. If not comfortable, it is always recommended to hire professional installers to do the job.

4.    How durable is Alloc?

Every Alloc product is subjected to a number of tests and given the AC rating. This guarantees durability of the product because of resistance to moisture, fading, wear and stains. To assure you of this, product warranties are available. They range from 10 yrs to lifetime warranties for residential use.

5.    What are the cleaning and maintenance procedures for Alloc?

Cleaning Alloc requires only an occasional damp mop with the Alloc Free and Clean. Lightly mist the cloth or mop with the cleaner and wipe the floor until the streak disappears. Acetone may be used to remove common stains. Never use organic detergents for cleaning the floor as it would lead to damage. To protect the floor from scratches and dents, fix felt pads to all furniture. Also, provide mats on the inside of every external door to prevent grit from damaging the floor


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