Started more than a decade ago, Alloc has proved to be an invaluable asset to most homeowners. This is because of the quality standards that they stick to honestly, leading to production of the consumers’ top choice. It is no wonder that Alloc has been listed as one of the leading manufacturers of laminate flooring and other related accessories.

The floorboards have a moisture resistant surface and completely sealed edges, thus suitable for use in the kitchen, the bathroom and the washroom. However, this is not an excuse to always leave stagnant water on the floor for long; the water may still find its way though imperfect joints into the subfloor. This will indefinitely lead to swelling and warping of the planks. It is recommended to use Alloc flooring rated AC3 because of the heavy traffic associated with these areas.

Commercial  laminate Flooring Living RoomThe living room and the dining room can rightly be said to have a general traffic level. The flooring to be installed in these rooms should be of rating AC2 and above. The furniture should be fitted with felt pads so as to minimize indentations that may be caused by the rough surfaces. Chairs should likewise be fitted with castors. The High Density Fiberboard provides the necessary strength and stability. The underlayment material ensures that no squeaking sound is produced when one is walking on the floor.

Bedrooms, because of the light traffic, can comfortably be installed with AC1 flooring. The same applies to guest rooms. You are however not restricted to this. Depending on your budget and style, you can go for your best choice. The only thing you need to understand is that Alloc laminate floors with rating AC4 and AC5 may not be that pleasant to your bare feet and the socks because of their rough texture.

Alloc laminate floors extend to the commercial sector. They have been installed in offices, hotel rooms, boutiques, cafes, airports, restaurants, retail shops, etc. Take care to choose the correct flooring depending on the level of traffic, either heavy or moderate.


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