Go GreenIn a world of much environmental concern from all and sundry, Alloc has not been left behind in this move to conserve the environment for the future. Many are the measures it has taken to see that this is in place. “Reduce, Reuse, Recycle” is the way to go if our world would be a little cleaner haven.

Alloc is really engineered to be a lasting product, spanning decades. First and foremost, the High Density Fiber core, incorporated with Aqua loc, prevents the wicking of moisture up the floorboard. The patented aluminium locking system guarantees a tight water repellent and long lasting affixed board. The AC rated laminate flooring offers great resistance against abrasion, wear, stain and fading. All these and other features make Alloc laminate to be a sound for years and years of use.

With a residential warranty of 10-30 years, you might get tired of the same pattern of Alloc laminate flooring even before the first sign of wear or damage. The floorboards will still be new and beautiful in look and still as strong as when they were purchased. The solution might be to just pull up the whole floor, after which you may give someone else in need of them, or install them in another room within your house.

The dismantling of the floor requires careful handling of the planks, lest they get damaged in the process. The planks should be bent upwards to unlock the joints. Work in a reverse manner to that of the installation. For instance, you should first remove the installed Alloc moldings such that you remain only with the floor. Then, start form the doorway going back to the walls. Just do the work slowly enough to save each and every single floor piece.

After the removal of the old floor, the installation elsewhere remains. You may be required to plan the installation again as the two floors may not be of the same shape and size. Cutting and machining of floorboards will still be required, therefore you should equip yourself with the required tools.

Recycling in such a manner helps save the natural resources that would have been used to manufacture other Alloc Laminate flooring. This is one of the reasons that enabled Alloc to get the ISO 14001 certification in 2004.


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