Alloc laminate flooring usually comes with a limited residential warranty whose period depends on the model and the AC rating. For this warranty to remain valid, one of the things considered is the subfloor condition during and after installation. The warranty may be nullified if the subfloor is proved to be unfit for Alloc installation.

Installation of Alloc Laminate Flooring

The Alloc original and commercial laminate flooring is to be installed as a floating floor, meaning that no plank is permanently attached onto the subfloor through bolting, tacking, gluing or some other means.

The subfloor for installation of the laminate flooring can be wooden, PVC, concrete floors, etc. However, carpets should never be used as subfloors. If any exists, completely remove it before proceeding with installation. In the case of a wooden subfloor, the Alloc planks should be installed across the wooden floorboards. Concrete floors will require a moisture barrier; Alloc Rapid Roll is the best underlayment that can be used.

The subfloor should first be tested for the moisture content. The chloride test can be performed for this purpose. The recommended maximum values are documented in most installation instruction manuals downloadable from the internet for free. If the moisture content is high, proper precautions should be taken so as to safeguard the floor.

The floor should also be flat and even. If not flat, squeaking noises in the floor or openings between the floorboards can appear over a short period of time. The raised parts of the floor should be cut using appropriate tools and all valleys be filled. The resulting platform should be firm enough to carry the laminate flooring, thus compaction may be needed. After doing all these work, the surface should be thoroughly cleaned and dried completely. Any debris remaining should be removed before installation.

After this thorough preparation, you can start the laying of the Alloc pieces, and you are assured of a lasting floor.


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