Once installed, Alloc laminate floors require proper maintenance and care. This is not difficult as it sounds, but the simple maintenance instructions should be carefully observed. Failure to do this may even render the associated warranties null and void. The company requires the floor to have been treated well if they are to compensate against damage.

First and foremost, cleaning of the Alloc laminate floors should be understood. The Alloc Free and Clean and Alloc Cleaner Plus are important products for daily use. A microfiber mop should be misted with the cleaner, then the floor wiped until the streak disappears. To save your floor from dull films and stains after cleaning, never use organic cleaners, but instead use synthetic when necessary. For difficult cleaning, it may be necessary to use clean lukewarm water. Always ensure the cloth is well wrung out before wiping the floor.

Sometimes, dry cleaning methods will suffice. These include; use of a broom, vacuum cleaning, dry mopping, etc. Stains such as grease, salt, wine, chocolate, rubber, oil, tar, shoe polish, soot, nail varnish, lipstick and pen ink should be removed using lukewarm soapy water or acetone. Chewing gum and candle wax should be scraped off gently and the surface cleaned appropriately.

To prolong the life of the Alloc laminate floor, you are advised to observe what loadings you subject the floor to. All furniture, beds, sofa sets, cupboards, cabinets, and other heavy objects within the house should be properly fitted with felt pads to prevent scratching and indenting the floor. In the office, in case a chair with hard wheels is in use, it is recommended that a protective mat be placed on the floor. The inside of all external doors should have a good quality doormat to trap grit particles that are carried by the shoes.

The moisture conditions of the subfloor should also be carefully monitored. Likewise, the indoor climate should be within the acceptable limits of relative humidity and temperature, otherwise the floor will get damaged as a result of swelling and warping.

For minor damages on the Alloc flooring such as small tears and cuts, colour fills can be used to rectify the situation. Replacement of the individual planks may be necessary if the damage is quite extensive. Remember to choose replacement planks with a colour that best matches the existing floor.

Other maintenance procedures are the common-sense ways of caring for the floor on a day to day basis. Anything that may damage the floor should be avoided at all costs so as to prolong the life of the floor.


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