Installation of the Alloc laminate floorboards is quite an easy task, especially with the aluminium locking system in place. The challenge comes in detailing the floor so as to get that perfect professional finishing. You’ll meet staircases, doorways, other flooring, walls, vertical surfaces, etc. What are you supposed to do in such cases?

Alloc moldings are designed to meet all the needs mentioned and many others. These moldings are as good as the floor planks themselves. They are made with a high density core for sufficient strength and stability. All of them have embedded decorative sheets that match with the design of the Alloc laminate floors, thus colour sensitivity is required when shopping.

The quarter round, just from its name, is a molding similar to a quarter cylinder. The required expansion spaces all around the floor on the wall base are properly covered with this molding, just like in installation of ceiling boards. It can also be used at the base of stairs to provide a decorative touch and smooth blend. In place of the quarter round, the wall board may also be used.

The staircases require a proper overhang or threshold for smooth walking and also for beauty’s sake. This is accomplished by the Stair nose. It also used when a raised floor joins a sunken floor.

When two adjoining rooms are both installed with Alloc laminate flooring, it is not advisable to just lay the planks continuously over the doorway. An expansion gap must be left between the two flooring spans. This gap is most appropriately filled by the T-molding since the two surfaces are level.

Transitions are very common in houses. One such kind is when moving from one floor type to another. The two floors in question may be of the same height or differ in height. The T-molding is used to seal the gap between two floors of the same height, e.g. hardwood and laminate flooring. When the two floors differ in height, the Dual Reducer is used, e.g. transition from laminate flooring to ceramic tiles, low pile carpeting or vinyl.

These moldings and others are available at most flooring stores. When used in addition to the floor planks, the end product is such a beauty to behold, so long as everything is done to a perfect finish.


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