Alloc boasts of being able to provide each and every customer with the model of flooring that suits one’s own budget and style. One person may prefer the feel of stone tiles to the feel of natural wood, whereas someone else may prefer mahogany to oak…etc. To satisfy all these tastes, Alloc manufactures numerous models, one of which is the Alloc Tile laminate flooring.

This is the best natural-looking model, in that it is designed staggeringly with the exact look and feel of natural slate. Coupled with the sounds and sights of nature, this surely brings the outside environment right into the house.

This model has three beautiful variations, i.e. Alicante slate, Marabela slate and the Multi Charcoal slate. The differing element in the three variations is only the decorative design embedded in the laminate flooring; otherwise, the other properties apply to all the three.

Alloc tile is a very easy model to install. It is a glueless type; therefore, it comes with the aluminium locking system which enables fast and easy installation. Maintenance of the floor is also made easy by the moisture resistant surface and sealed edges. This way, it’s the best choice for the kitchen, basement and mudrooms. The extraordinary look also makes it suitable for the living room.

Having been designed and manufactured to the best of qualities, the Alloc Tile comes with a 30 years warranty, a rare one in the market. The dimensions are not very different from the other models; the plank length is 46.85 in, the width is 15.47 in and the thickness is 8mm. Only four planks are packaged in each Box, totaling to 20.2 square feet per box. The weight of one such box is 32 lbs and the price per box is about $50.30. This saves more cash than when buying per square foot at the price of $2.4/sq ft.

With a grade of AC3, this model can be used for both residential purposes and light commercial applications. It is manufactured through environment-friendly processes to help preserve the environment. Choosing Alloc Tile laminate flooring is a wise investment decision.


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