Alloc is one of the most popular laminate flooring companies in the world today. Having been in the market for decades, it now offers quality products needed by all home builders. Apart from the factory outlet and local retail stores, there are many online stores which now sell the Alloc laminate flooring and all the accessories.

When online, it is important to understand the product features before you place an order. One way of categorizing the products is by the price. You may want to purchase the floorboards in boxes, per square foot or as individual planks. The prices are different, therefore be wise in your selection. Per square foot, the price ranges from $0 to about $3. These prices depend on the model of the flooring. Some of these models are Alloc Elite, Alloc Original, Alloc Commercial, Alloc Tile, Alloc Stone, Alloc Domestic, Alloc City Scapes and Alloc Commercial Stone.

Another search criterion for the Alloc laminate flooring is the warranty period. All Alloc products come with a warranty that guarantees you durability and good performance of the product because they are usually of very high quality. The least warranty period for an Alloc product is 10 years. Others have a warranty period of 15 years, 20 years, 25 years, 30 years, 40 years and some a lifetime warranty. These are for residential use. There is also a warranty for light commercial and heavy commercial products.

The colours to choose from include: Ash, Bamboo, Beech, Cherry, Exotic, Fruit Tree, Hickory, Mahogany, Maple, Oak, Pecan, Pine, Rustic, Walnut and Wenge. This is just a matter of your taste and preference. You may also want to choose a color that matches the interior décor of your home.

Some Alloc floor pieces have beveled edges, i.e. reducing to a sloping edge. The commercial durability of the different models may vary, so you have to choose according to your flooring needs. The hand-scraped models are the ones whose decorative sheet paints a picture of some scraping done on the floorboard. Other models may have a high gloss, which depends on the lighting condition of the room in which the floor is installed. Some models come with an attached underlayment while others don’t have one. You may choose from products with waxed edges or those without waxed edges.

All these product varieties are priced differently, but it should not be cause for confusion. It requires time to select the product of your choice, but you’ll get the needed satisfaction once purchased.


Often times, in this world of great technological advances, the consumer is left with a number of competing options on how to buy a given product. Gone are the days when the most appropriate place of purchase was the nearest retail shop. The world today is in fact a global village in which you can access anything from any corner of the world.

The first place you can think of purchasing Alloc Commercial laminate flooring is the factory outlet, that is, of course, if you reside nearby. The prices are usually lower than from the retail shops. If your area of residence is far from the factory, the retail outlets are another option from which you can buy the product. To cap all these is the Internet where you can access thousands of online stores and make the right decision on purchasing.

Before dishing out that money, it helps to plan. What are your flooring needs? What model of Alloc laminate flooring do you want? What home décor is there to match with the flooring? What is your favorite color? How much are you intending to spend on the flooring project? When the questions are answered, you are able to get a bigger picture of the scope of your project.

Next is the product research. If you are not in terms with the different product features, the internet can offer you a lot of information on the available products. Carefully consider the cost of everything you have to buy so that you don’t get stuck with funds. There are project planners available to help you in this. Also compare prices between different stores, be they online or retail. Inquire about the shipping of the product, the cost, how long you are expected to wait, etc.

Finally, make an order for your Alloc laminate flooring by filling the necessary forms correctly. Choose the payment option that best suits you. Ensure that you have enough money in the account if using credit cards. If all is well, your Alloc product will arrive shortly, so wait patiently.


Alloc is one of the brands of laminateflooring that are in the market today. Other players in the market include: Pergo, Mannington, DuPont and Armstrong. Alloc stands out as the consumer’s top choice because of its unequaled quality. Some of the frequently asked questions about the product are as discussed below:

1.    What does it mean to say that Alloc is a High Pressure Laminate?

This takes you back to the production process. Phenol is added to the Kraft paper for better strength. The pressure applied in the process is 1300lb/sq inch and this should be done at a temperature of 3000F. The resulting product has less chipping edges, better moisture resistance and higher impact resistance.

2.    How can I buy Alloc?

From the factory at Lyngdal, Norway, the Alloc laminate floorboards and other accessories are transported far and wide to thousands of flooring stores across many countries. You can directly purchase the products from local dealers. These can be contacted by calling their business numbers. Also, the website is full of online stores, where you can order the product and receive them at your address after shipment.

3.    Can I install Alloc all by myself?

Yes, you can. Alloc features the patented Aluminium mechanical locking system that makes installation very easy when compared to the glue installation. You need to have the necessary knowledge and tools to do the work. If not comfortable, it is always recommended to hire professional installers to do the job.

4.    How durable is Alloc?

Every Alloc product is subjected to a number of tests and given the AC rating. This guarantees durability of the product because of resistance to moisture, fading, wear and stains. To assure you of this, product warranties are available. They range from 10 yrs to lifetime warranties for residential use.

5.    What are the cleaning and maintenance procedures for Alloc?

Cleaning Alloc requires only an occasional damp mop with the Alloc Free and Clean. Lightly mist the cloth or mop with the cleaner and wipe the floor until the streak disappears. Acetone may be used to remove common stains. Never use organic detergents for cleaning the floor as it would lead to damage. To protect the floor from scratches and dents, fix felt pads to all furniture. Also, provide mats on the inside of every external door to prevent grit from damaging the floor


Started more than a decade ago, Alloc has proved to be an invaluable asset to most homeowners. This is because of the quality standards that they stick to honestly, leading to production of the consumers’ top choice. It is no wonder that Alloc has been listed as one of the leading manufacturers of laminate flooring and other related accessories.

The floorboards have a moisture resistant surface and completely sealed edges, thus suitable for use in the kitchen, the bathroom and the washroom. However, this is not an excuse to always leave stagnant water on the floor for long; the water may still find its way though imperfect joints into the subfloor. This will indefinitely lead to swelling and warping of the planks. It is recommended to use Alloc flooring rated AC3 because of the heavy traffic associated with these areas.

Commercial  laminate Flooring Living RoomThe living room and the dining room can rightly be said to have a general traffic level. The flooring to be installed in these rooms should be of rating AC2 and above. The furniture should be fitted with felt pads so as to minimize indentations that may be caused by the rough surfaces. Chairs should likewise be fitted with castors. The High Density Fiberboard provides the necessary strength and stability. The underlayment material ensures that no squeaking sound is produced when one is walking on the floor.

Bedrooms, because of the light traffic, can comfortably be installed with AC1 flooring. The same applies to guest rooms. You are however not restricted to this. Depending on your budget and style, you can go for your best choice. The only thing you need to understand is that Alloc laminate floors with rating AC4 and AC5 may not be that pleasant to your bare feet and the socks because of their rough texture.

Alloc laminate floors extend to the commercial sector. They have been installed in offices, hotel rooms, boutiques, cafes, airports, restaurants, retail shops, etc. Take care to choose the correct flooring depending on the level of traffic, either heavy or moderate.


Alloc Laminate floors can be used for both residential and commercial purposes. On top of the low cost, another advantage of going Alloc is the fact that it is very easy to install the flooring. With just a little knowledge on installation and having all the necessary tools, you can even install the floor yourself.

Before installation of the floorboards themselves, there is a need to have an underlayment above the subfloor for a number of reasons. As heard before, Alloc laminate flooring is a floating type, meaning that the floor planks are not attached in any way to the subfloor. A hardwood floor, on the other hand, may be glued or bolted to the subfloor.

The recommended underlayment for Alloc floors is the Alloc rapid roll. As the name suggests, it is very easy to install and requires no alien skills. It is a three-in-one product in that it contains 3 major elements; the padding, the moisture barrier and the tape.

The padding constitutes closed cell foam which is white in colour. This provides the density needed under the floor planks for good performance. When walking on the floor, the squeaking and creaking sounds will never be heard. The floor also feels comfortable because of the padding effect.

Below the padding is the High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) film moisture barrier. With a thickness of 4mil, it offers enough resistance to the subfloor moisture. The subfloor moisture can be the existing moisture that has failed to completely dry after the construction of the floor. Otherwise, a water spill on the floor may find its way into the subfloor. The moisture barrier thus ensures such moisture is not absorbed into the floor planks as this will indefinitely lead to damage.

Two sides of the Alloc rapid roll are fitted with an adhesive tape. It comes with a protective face which is simply peeled off to expose the adhesive surface. The moisture barrier of one sheet of rapid roll should overlap the tape with a 3” overlap and be secured firmly.

One such sheet of the underlayment measures 25ft by 4ft, which is a total area of 100 square ft. It is wise to use this underlayment when installing Alloc laminate floors. Failure to use it may nullify the warranties on the Alloc floor.


You must have come across something like “AC1” printed on a laminate flooring product and maybe have wondered what this is. No reason to panic, just take some minutes to understand what it is and you’ll never float.

The AC rating is the conventional term used to show how durable laminate flooring is. How long can it last? Where can it be used and where can it not be used? The Association of European Producers of Laminate flooring (EPLF) is responsible for this, their aim being to develop standards and a guide to consumers on the usage of the floors.

First, some tests are performed on the laminate flooring. The floorboards may be subjected to abrasion, stains, impact and cigarette burns and their response observed. Furniture is also placed on the laminate flooring so as to determine its bearing capacity. Swelling along the edges is also among the test criteria.

If a specimen passes all this tests, it receives an AC rating. This can be anything from AC1 through AC5. A laminate flooring product without an AC rating has failed one or more of the tests listed above, therefore, it cautions any consumer who may want to buy such because of the low price, which will prove to be costly in the long run. A product rated AC1 is suitable residential use and light traffic, i.e. for bedrooms and guest rooms. AC2 products are suitable for general traffic residential applications, say the living and dining rooms. The Alloc flooring that can be used in all areas at home must be rated AC3. Products with this rating can also be used under moderate traffic in the commercial world. AC4 products denote commercial use with general traffic. Finally, AC5 products are the toughest laminate floors, and can be used for heavy traffic in commercial areas like public buildings, departmental stores, airports, restaurants and retail shops.

With all these, the consumer is left with a choice to make, on top of the colour and design of the Alloc Laminate flooring. It is good to understand that though the AC5 rated products are the most durable, they may prove to be too rough to be used in the house, especially when barefooted. Choose wisely then.


Go GreenIn a world of much environmental concern from all and sundry, Alloc has not been left behind in this move to conserve the environment for the future. Many are the measures it has taken to see that this is in place. “Reduce, Reuse, Recycle” is the way to go if our world would be a little cleaner haven.

Alloc is really engineered to be a lasting product, spanning decades. First and foremost, the High Density Fiber core, incorporated with Aqua loc, prevents the wicking of moisture up the floorboard. The patented aluminium locking system guarantees a tight water repellent and long lasting affixed board. The AC rated laminate flooring offers great resistance against abrasion, wear, stain and fading. All these and other features make Alloc laminate to be a sound for years and years of use.

With a residential warranty of 10-30 years, you might get tired of the same pattern of Alloc laminate flooring even before the first sign of wear or damage. The floorboards will still be new and beautiful in look and still as strong as when they were purchased. The solution might be to just pull up the whole floor, after which you may give someone else in need of them, or install them in another room within your house.

The dismantling of the floor requires careful handling of the planks, lest they get damaged in the process. The planks should be bent upwards to unlock the joints. Work in a reverse manner to that of the installation. For instance, you should first remove the installed Alloc moldings such that you remain only with the floor. Then, start form the doorway going back to the walls. Just do the work slowly enough to save each and every single floor piece.

After the removal of the old floor, the installation elsewhere remains. You may be required to plan the installation again as the two floors may not be of the same shape and size. Cutting and machining of floorboards will still be required, therefore you should equip yourself with the required tools.

Recycling in such a manner helps save the natural resources that would have been used to manufacture other Alloc Laminate flooring. This is one of the reasons that enabled Alloc to get the ISO 14001 certification in 2004.


Alloc laminate flooring usually comes with a limited residential warranty whose period depends on the model and the AC rating. For this warranty to remain valid, one of the things considered is the subfloor condition during and after installation. The warranty may be nullified if the subfloor is proved to be unfit for Alloc installation.

Installation of Alloc Laminate Flooring

The Alloc original and commercial laminate flooring is to be installed as a floating floor, meaning that no plank is permanently attached onto the subfloor through bolting, tacking, gluing or some other means.

The subfloor for installation of the laminate flooring can be wooden, PVC, concrete floors, etc. However, carpets should never be used as subfloors. If any exists, completely remove it before proceeding with installation. In the case of a wooden subfloor, the Alloc planks should be installed across the wooden floorboards. Concrete floors will require a moisture barrier; Alloc Rapid Roll is the best underlayment that can be used.

The subfloor should first be tested for the moisture content. The chloride test can be performed for this purpose. The recommended maximum values are documented in most installation instruction manuals downloadable from the internet for free. If the moisture content is high, proper precautions should be taken so as to safeguard the floor.

The floor should also be flat and even. If not flat, squeaking noises in the floor or openings between the floorboards can appear over a short period of time. The raised parts of the floor should be cut using appropriate tools and all valleys be filled. The resulting platform should be firm enough to carry the laminate flooring, thus compaction may be needed. After doing all these work, the surface should be thoroughly cleaned and dried completely. Any debris remaining should be removed before installation.

After this thorough preparation, you can start the laying of the Alloc pieces, and you are assured of a lasting floor.


Once installed, Alloc laminate floors require proper maintenance and care. This is not difficult as it sounds, but the simple maintenance instructions should be carefully observed. Failure to do this may even render the associated warranties null and void. The company requires the floor to have been treated well if they are to compensate against damage.

First and foremost, cleaning of the Alloc laminate floors should be understood. The Alloc Free and Clean and Alloc Cleaner Plus are important products for daily use. A microfiber mop should be misted with the cleaner, then the floor wiped until the streak disappears. To save your floor from dull films and stains after cleaning, never use organic cleaners, but instead use synthetic when necessary. For difficult cleaning, it may be necessary to use clean lukewarm water. Always ensure the cloth is well wrung out before wiping the floor.

Sometimes, dry cleaning methods will suffice. These include; use of a broom, vacuum cleaning, dry mopping, etc. Stains such as grease, salt, wine, chocolate, rubber, oil, tar, shoe polish, soot, nail varnish, lipstick and pen ink should be removed using lukewarm soapy water or acetone. Chewing gum and candle wax should be scraped off gently and the surface cleaned appropriately.

To prolong the life of the Alloc laminate floor, you are advised to observe what loadings you subject the floor to. All furniture, beds, sofa sets, cupboards, cabinets, and other heavy objects within the house should be properly fitted with felt pads to prevent scratching and indenting the floor. In the office, in case a chair with hard wheels is in use, it is recommended that a protective mat be placed on the floor. The inside of all external doors should have a good quality doormat to trap grit particles that are carried by the shoes.

The moisture conditions of the subfloor should also be carefully monitored. Likewise, the indoor climate should be within the acceptable limits of relative humidity and temperature, otherwise the floor will get damaged as a result of swelling and warping.

For minor damages on the Alloc flooring such as small tears and cuts, colour fills can be used to rectify the situation. Replacement of the individual planks may be necessary if the damage is quite extensive. Remember to choose replacement planks with a colour that best matches the existing floor.

Other maintenance procedures are the common-sense ways of caring for the floor on a day to day basis. Anything that may damage the floor should be avoided at all costs so as to prolong the life of the floor.


Installation of the Alloc laminate floorboards is quite an easy task, especially with the aluminium locking system in place. The challenge comes in detailing the floor so as to get that perfect professional finishing. You’ll meet staircases, doorways, other flooring, walls, vertical surfaces, etc. What are you supposed to do in such cases?

Alloc moldings are designed to meet all the needs mentioned and many others. These moldings are as good as the floor planks themselves. They are made with a high density core for sufficient strength and stability. All of them have embedded decorative sheets that match with the design of the Alloc laminate floors, thus colour sensitivity is required when shopping.

The quarter round, just from its name, is a molding similar to a quarter cylinder. The required expansion spaces all around the floor on the wall base are properly covered with this molding, just like in installation of ceiling boards. It can also be used at the base of stairs to provide a decorative touch and smooth blend. In place of the quarter round, the wall board may also be used.

The staircases require a proper overhang or threshold for smooth walking and also for beauty’s sake. This is accomplished by the Stair nose. It also used when a raised floor joins a sunken floor.

When two adjoining rooms are both installed with Alloc laminate flooring, it is not advisable to just lay the planks continuously over the doorway. An expansion gap must be left between the two flooring spans. This gap is most appropriately filled by the T-molding since the two surfaces are level.

Transitions are very common in houses. One such kind is when moving from one floor type to another. The two floors in question may be of the same height or differ in height. The T-molding is used to seal the gap between two floors of the same height, e.g. hardwood and laminate flooring. When the two floors differ in height, the Dual Reducer is used, e.g. transition from laminate flooring to ceramic tiles, low pile carpeting or vinyl.

These moldings and others are available at most flooring stores. When used in addition to the floor planks, the end product is such a beauty to behold, so long as everything is done to a perfect finish.